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APT Medical Redefines Precision in Interventional Cardiology with Elong™ Microcatheter

APT Medical unveils the Elong™ Microcatheter in interventional cardiology, revolutionizing the field with its advanced microcatheter technology. Designed for optimal performance in navigating complex lesions and facilitating various interventional techniques, the Elong™ Microcatheter empowers medical professionals to achieve superior crossability Now, let’s explore the remarkable characteristics and benefits of this innovative microcatheter.

Streamlined Design for Targeted Retrograde Navigation

The Elong™ Microcatheter offers a Straight Tip 1.7F variant optimized for retrograde navigation in chronic total occlusions (CTOs). With its streamlined design, this micro catheter allows medical professionals to navigate with precision and ease, enhancing procedural success rates in challenging cases. The Straight Tip 1.7F microcatheter empowers interventional cardiologists to overcome obstacles with the last try.

Versatility for Antegrade and Retrograde Navigation

Designed to cater to both antegrade and retrograde navigating techniques in CTO interventions, the Elong™ Microcatheter includes a Straight Tip 1.9F variant. This versatile microcatheter optimizes procedural efficiency by providing medical professionals with a single solution for navigating complex lesions using different approaches. The Straight Tip 1.9F microcatheter streamlines workflow and enhances clinical outcomes by facilitating seamless transitions between antegrade and retrograde navigation.

Specialized Design for Calcified Lesions

APT Medical introduces the Tapered Tip 2.6F Microcatheter to address the challenges posed by calcified lesions. With its optimized design, this microcatheter enables precise navigation and delivery in calcified lesions. The tapered tip enhances crossability, allowing medical professionals to negotiate challenging anatomy and accurately reach the targeted lesion site. The Tapered Tip 2.6F microcatheter empowers interventional cardiologists to overcome the complexities associated with these challenging cases by providing a dedicated solution for calcified lesions.


APT Medical’s Elong™ Microcatheter represents a paradigm shift in interventional cardiology. With its diverse range of specialized variants, including Straight Tip 1.7F and 1.9F, Tapered Tip 2.6F, and Dual Lumen 3.2F, this micro catheter offers superior crossability and guidewire support. APT Medical’s commitment to innovation and patient-centered design is evident in the development of the Elong™ Microcatheter, redefining precision and optimizing interventional cardiology.

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