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Unlocking Depth Sensing Brilliance with DS77 by Vzense

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and Vzense, a pioneer in 3D perception, brings you an innovation that stands out – the DS77. This cutting-edge ToF camera is here to redefine depth sensing and revolutionize your applications. Let’s dive into the brilliance of DS77 and discover how it can elevate your projects.

DS77: Unmatched Depth Sensing Precision

At the heart of DS77 lies Sony’s DepthSense technology, a name synonymous with excellence. DS77 offers VGA resolution and a rapid frame rate of up to 25fps, ensuring you capture every detail with unparalleled precision. With a field of view measuring 70°(H)* 50°(V), it provides a comprehensive perspective of your surroundings.

Benefits Galore

Millimeter Accuracy: DS77 boasts millimeter-level accuracy, enabling you to measure distances with remarkable precision. Whether it’s object recognition, robotics, or any application demanding exact measurements, DS77 delivers.

Adaptability to Changing Light Conditions: DS77’s adaptive capabilities mean it excels in various lighting environments. Say goodbye to worrying about inconsistent lighting affecting your depth sensing tasks.

Seamless Integration: With support for Windows, Linux, Arm Linux, ROS1, and ROS2, DS77 seamlessly integrates into your preferred platform. The versatile SDK support in C/C++/Python/C# further simplifies development.

Durable and IP-Rated: DS77 Pro carries an impressive IP67 rating, making it dust and water-resistant. It’s a tool designed to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability in the field.


In the world of 3D vision technology, DS77 by Vzense is your gateway to innovation. Whether you’re working on visual positioning and guidance, automated robotics, or interactive applications, DS77 empowers you with unparalleled depth sensing accuracy and adaptability.

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