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Unleash Creativity with the LED Moving Head TX1940 ZOOM

Light Sky introduces the TX1940 ZOOM, a cutting-edge LED moving head light that combines power, versatility, and energy efficiency. With its compact size, high brightness, and advanced features, the TX1940 ZOOM is the perfect lighting fixture for stage performances, concerts, and events. Light Sky has been a leading provider of intelligent lighting solutions, and the TX1940 ZOOM is a testament to their commitment to innovation. Let’s explore the exceptional features and capabilities of the LED moving head TX1940 ZOOM.

High-brightness LED performance

The TX1940 ZOOM features a high-brightness LED chip from OSRAM, delivering powerful illumination for vibrant and captivating lighting displays. With its RGBW macro color system, the TX1940 ZOOM offers a wide range of colors to create stunning visual effects. The zoom function allows you to adjust the beam angle from 5° to 55°, providing versatility in light projection and coverage. Whether you need focused spot lighting or wide wash effects, the TX1940 ZOOM can adapt to your requirements with ease.

Intelligent control and durability

Light Sky understands the importance of seamless control and durability in professional lighting fixtures. The TX1940 ZOOM offers multiple control modes, including DMX512, RDM, stand-alone mode, and optional wireless DMX512, ensuring compatibility with different lighting systems. With various channel modes available, you can choose the level of control complexity that suits your needs. The combination lens with high precision and linear adjustment allows for precise focus and beam control. The TX1940 ZOOM is built with a smart cooling system to maintain optimal performance and protect against overheating, ensuring long-lasting reliability.


The LED moving head TX1940 ZOOM from Light Sky is a game-changer in the world of stage lighting. With its high brightness, versatile color options, and intelligent control features, the TX1940 ZOOM enables lighting designers and event organizers to unleash their creativity and create immersive visual experiences. Light Sky’s dedication to innovation and quality shines through in the TX1940 ZOOM, providing professionals with a reliable and powerful lighting solution. Elevate your stage performances and events with the versatility and performance of the Light Sky LED moving head TX1940 ZOOM.

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