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Union Metal’s Mini Ball Valves: Compact, Reliable, and Corrosion-Proof Solutions for the Oil Industry

In various industries, the regulation of high-pressure fluids is of utmost importance, and mini ball valves play a critical role in achieving this. In this article, we will delve into the exceptional properties and features of Union Metal‘s mini ball valves. Designed specifically for the oil industry, these compact valves offer reliability, corrosion resistance, and optimal performance.

Properties of Mini Ball Valves

Mini ball valves offer distinct advantages that make them suitable for demanding applications. Two key properties of these valves are their compact structure and air-tight seal.

Compact Structure

Union Metal’s mini ball valves are designed with a compact structure, allowing them to be conveniently used in confined and small spaces. This makes them ideal for specific pipework projects where larger ball valves may not be suitable. Additionally, they are built to endure diverse environments and mechanical conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging settings.

Air-Tight Seal

One of the standout features of Union Metal’s mini ball valves is their reliable air-tight seal when turned off. This characteristic makes them a preferred choice for various pipeline applications, where preventing leaks and maintaining system integrity is crucial. The valves require minimal maintenance and are lightweight, making them easy to install and operate.

Features of Union Metal’s Mini Ball Valves

Union Metal’s mini ball valves possess additional features that enhance their performance and suitability for the oil industry.

Corrosion and Chemicals-Proof

These mini ball valves are specifically designed to withstand corrosive media and low-boiling liquids without getting stuck during operation. The valve seat and sealing components are resistant to scratches, wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance in harsh environments.

Fire-Resistant System

Union Metal’s mini ball valves are equipped with a fire-resistant system, making them suitable for pipelines involved in transporting natural gas and oil. This system helps mitigate potential accidental risks and ensures the safety and reliability of the valve in critical applications.


Union Metal’s mini ball valves offer compactness, reliability, and corrosion-proof properties that make them an excellent choice for the oil industry. With their air-tight sealing capabilities and additional features such as resistance to corrosion and a fire-resistant system, these valves provide reliable performance in demanding environments. Choose Union Metal’s mini ball valves to ensure efficient fluid regulation, safety, and durability in your oil industry applications.

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