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Six-Sided CNC Drilling Machine: The Ultimate Precision Solution by HUAHUA

HUAHUA, a renowned brand in the woodworking industry, presents the Six-Sided CNC Wood Drilling Machine, a high-end CNC equipment designed to revolutionize wood drilling and grooving for plate furniture production. With its advanced features and precise capabilities, this machine offers the ultimate precision solution for woodworking businesses.

Unmatched Six-Sided Processing Capability

The Six-Sided CNC Drilling Machine by HUAHUA is specifically designed to achieve six-sided processing, grooving, and milling simultaneously. With its innovative design, this machine can drill and groove panels horizontally and vertically in all six sides. This remarkable capability maximizes efficiency and productivity, enabling woodworking businesses to handle complex projects with ease. The machine’s ability to process hinge holes in linkage further enhances its versatility, allowing for comprehensive woodworking operations.

Easy Operation and Flexibility

HUAHUA’s Six-Sided CNC Wood Drilling Machine offers easy operation and flexibility. The machine features a user-friendly interface that allows operators to program drilling patterns and specifications effortlessly. This ensures precise and consistent results, reducing errors and wastage of valuable resources. The machine’s flexibility enables woodworking businesses to adapt to various customer requirements, delivering customized wood products efficiently and accurately.

 Automated and Intervention-Free Drilling

One of the key advantages of the Six-Sided CNC Drilling Machine by HUAHUA is its automation and elimination of manual intervention. The machine automates every process, including feeding, aligning, drilling, grooving, and more. By reducing heavy manual labor, this machine not only enhances efficiency and productivity but also improves safety in the workplace. Woodworking businesses can rely on the Six-Sided CNC Drilling Machine to deliver precise results consistently, while ensuring a safe and conducive working environment.


The Six-Sided CNC Drilling Machine by HUAHUA is the ultimate precision solution for woodworking businesses. With its unmatched six-sided processing capability, easy operation, flexibility, and automation, this high-end CNC equipment empowers businesses to achieve exceptional precision and efficiency in wood drilling and grooving. Experience the transformative power of the Six-Sided CNC Drilling Machine by HUAHUA and elevate your woodworking operations to new heights of success.

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