Should I Switch From A Refillable To A Disposable Kit?

Many people who would not have been able to stop smoking now have access to vaping, thanks partly to disposable devices. Disposable vapes are easier and more gratifying than older vaping gadgets. Like tobacco cigarettes, they are ready to use when taken out of the pack.

Additionally, a disposable kit has a strong nicotine kick, which is crucial for people attempting to stop smoking. If you’re already utilising disposables to aid in your smoking cessation, you might be wondering what comes next. Probably a lot of people you know vape, and the majority of them utilise refillable vape kits. But should you also use refillable vapes, and if not, are you losing out on anything?

Suppose you now use a disposable device and are considering moving to a refillable one. In that case, this blog will clarify how the two vary. Let’s go through the characteristics of refillable devices that can sway your decision and how using one would alter your experience. 

The Health Aspect!

Lost Mary vape Disposable devices are also registered with the MHRA UK government and have an ECID number. In that case, disposable kits are just as safe to use as refillable ones. Both disposable and refillable vape kits must pass health and safety inspections following the Tobacco Products Directive before being marketed lawfully in the UK.

Disposables Are More Useful In Helping You Quit Smoking!

Lost Mary BM600, Lost Mary QM600 Disposable vaping pens are the ideal tool for quitting smoking since they closely resemble the process and don’t need any upkeep. The absence of upkeep is the only benefit of using disposable e-cigarettes to stop smoking. 

The drawback is that, compared to refillable e-cigarettes, utilising disposable vapes over an extended period of time would be more expensive. Starting with disposables to get used to your vaping style before converting to a rechargeable e-cigarette will help you save money when you decide to stop smoking.

The E-liquid Of Disposable Kits:

Few disposable vapes include e-liquid or nic salts created in the UK because the majority of them are made in China. You have the freedom to know what e-juice you are using with rechargeable devices like pod systems. You are, therefore, unaware of which brand and where the liquid for your equipment originated.

Advances In Disposable Kits:

Improved Coils:

Mesh coils have become widely used in the last few years and are really used in a lot of disposable vape pens. Mesh coils are more able than normal coils to heat up quickly and give the vaper. You may have noticed that there aren’t many disposables with juice windows. This is because the wicking material used to surround the coil is usually already fully saturated with the e-juice.

Nic Salts:

Since nicotine salts don’t interfere with the flavours, they make the pull smooth and result in less intense throat strikes.  The maximum in the EU is 2% (20 mg), yet this is still a healthy amount for MTL. Thus you need fewer puffs to satisfy your nicotine cravings.


Disposable vapes are better than refillable kits in the health safety, ease of use and cost-effective nature. So, if you plan to make a switch, it’s the right time to do so!

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