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Precision and Durability Unleashed: Exploring Pomagtor’s Pogo Pins

For the electronics and semiconductor testing industries, Pomagtor specializes in producing high-quality pogo pins. For a strong and dependable assembly, their pins, which are made up of a plunger, tube, and spring, are precisely riveted utilizing cutting-edge machinery. Pomagtor’s pogo pins are precise and robust, meeting the strict specifications of contemporary electronic production.

Conductivity Perfected: Stable and Low Impedance

Pomagtor’s commitment to excellence extends to the conductivity of their pogo pins. The plunger and tube of these pins undergo gold plating, guaranteeing optimal signal transmission and reducing contact resistance. This gold-plated design enables stable connectivity, ensuring accurate and consistent measurements during testing procedures. With a focus on maintaining low impedance, Pomagtor’s pogo pins contribute to precise and reliable testing operations. Manufacturers can confidently rely on these pins for their superior conductivity, delivering trustworthy results.

Precision in Any Environment: Enduring Performance

Pomagtor’s pogo pins excel in challenging conditions, ensuring exceptional performance in electronics. The beveled structure ensures continuous contact, guaranteeing stability. Gold-plated components facilitate efficient current flow and minimal impedance. With consistent accuracy and resilience, even in complex environments, Pomagtor’s pogo pins provide reliable and precise testing for manufacturers in varying conditions.


Pomagtor’s high-quality pogo pins for the electronics and semiconductor testing fields demonstrate their dedication to excellence. With their precise construction, gold-plated design, and stable conductivity, these pins deliver reliable and accurate measurements. They withstand challenging environments and drive innovation in the electronics industry, empowering manufacturers with reliable tools.

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